Common Names: Push Rivets, Push Pins, Tuflok, Pinlok, Ergolok

Description: The push pin fastener is a reusable plastic fastener that provides low-medium installation efforts with high retention and shear performance. Typical push pin designs consist of a pin and a body that interact to function over a predetermined panel stack-up. Performance depends on the exact hole size and panel thickness. Many different head configurations and body shapes are available and can be developed for new applications.

Typical Materials: Nylon 6/6

Hole Size: 5.0 – 12.0 mm diameter

Panel Thickness: 0.8 mm and Up

Head over Head Open Nose
Aesthetic Head Design
Color / Grain / Gloss Match
Reuse Results in Head Damage
Various Head Configurations
Minimum Clearance Required
Minimal Lead-In
Standard Others
Closed Nose - Good Lead-In
Reusable Many Times
Large Size Selection
Square / Slot Applications
Collar Designs
Pinlock Ergolok
Lower Insertion Forces
Pin Always Stays with Body
Concept Only
Low Insertion in Many Holes
And Panel Stack-ups

Pre-drive Insertion Installed Removal